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Streamwriting is an international service set up for writers anywhere in the world. The verb stream means to send forth or come forth abundantly, while the noun means current, flow or outpouring.

"If a story is in you, it has got to come out."
William Faulkner

Streamwriting was set up by Hannah Davis (see profile) and is aimed at anyone who nurtures a writing source which needs channeling and directing outward. Her aims are simple; to provide a professional coaching and tutoring service that helps people to achieve their writing goals, be it securing an agent or landing a publishing deal worth thousands. Hannah's qualifications and experience in the film industry ensure you receive the highest quality service.
She offers three powerful paths to writing success:
  1. The Book Doctor - This is an on-going coaching service that aims to inspire, motivate, enthuse and support you as you write your dream book.

  2. Writing Retreats - Hidden in the hills of Andalucia, these retreats have been specifically set-up for writers who desire peace and quiet. As a bonus Hannah is available for private consultations.

  3. Critique Service - This is a one off reading service on your script or manuscript.

"I write only when I'm inspired. Fortunately, I'm inspired at 9 o'clock every morning."
William Faulkner

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