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Watch Out Writer About!
By Keidi Keating
Printed in the Sentinella Magazine, June 2005

Picture the scene. Golden sand oozing between your toes. The sound of waves tumbling against the shore. A cold cocktail sipped through a straw. An ideal setting to allow your imagination to run riot while putting pen to paper. And an ideal environment for Hannah Davies to run her informal fortnightly Writing Groups.
Hannah is the kind of girl who is literally bursting with enthusiasm and young dynamic energy. That, combined with the fact that she loves to write and is damn good at it, makes her an ideal person to teach her creative skills to others.
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Hannah Davis: Book Doctor
By Marisa Cutillas
Printed in Marbella Essential, Oct 2005

"If I were writing a book, I would need a Book Doctor. If only there was another me!" laughs Hannah Davis, her big, blue eyes, tanned skin and wide smile exuding warmth and humour, but also, strong, underlying maturity and wisdom. Hannah needs these qualities, possibly in like proportions, since as a Book Doctor she holds someone's trust, their dreams, and the product of a lifetime's work: the book, screenplay, or TV series they have always wanted to write, in her hands.
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